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Liverpool – Real Madrid (0-0), Klopp surrenders

Despite the draw at Anfield, Liverpool stopped at the gates of the last four in a complicated season for the Reds.

Distanced in the Premier League and not sure of being qualified for the next Champions League, Liverpool were counting on their European journey to give themselves a big breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, the double face-off against Real Madrid mirrored the Reds’ season: defensive excitement combined with stalled offensive performance.

Faced with the Madrid experience, Jurgen Klopp’s men failed to find the right formula, weighed down by the defeat in Madrid in the first leg (3-1). Salah’s goal made the Reds believe it but they couldn’t find an opening at Anfield to make up for the two-goal delay.

The draw and the clean sheet on Wednesday night were not enough to save a season that is likely to change a lot on the banks of the Mersey.

After the elimination, it was a resigned Klopp who presented himself to the press. The German technician is aware that the inefficiency of his team has prevented any reason to believe. Faced with a formation like Real Madrid, which will play its 30th semi-final in its history, it pays off in cash.

“We started very well, but we did not know how to convert the opportunities. We could have taken the advantage soon enough. We had to go get him this game and we did it. After that, every minute that passed was more difficult for us… “

“We should have scored on our chances. If we had scored the 1-0 it would have been different. They controlled the game at specific times. We had two actions and we could have had more chances of us. qualify if we had scored. “

“We did not lose the double confrontation today. It was difficult for them today. We were aggressive, we had chances. But I don’t care about the” what if … “. did not score and Real Madrid’s experience made all the difference. “

Liverpool must now refocus on the Premier League and a perilous trip to Leeds in order to pick up at West Ham and Leicester and thus believe in a qualification for the next C1.

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