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Liverpool, Klopp will have “no regrets” if he never coaches Real Madrid

The Reds coach joked with reporters when asked if he would regret it if he never got the chance to go to La Liga.

Jürgen Klopp insists he would have no regrets if he had never had the chance to coach Real Madrid during his career. But the Liverpool coach has his eye on a Spanish club – Real Mallorca! The Reds technician was asked by local reporters about the possibility of training in Spain ahead of the Reds’ Champions League quarter-final first leg with Real Madrid on Tuesday night. The 53-year-old coach answered the question jokingly.

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“I said if I only had three clubs at the end of my career, which are Mainz, Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool, then it’s not too bad. I wouldn’t regret it. You ask me if I would regret it if I never coach Real Madrid? That was the question? I don’t think so. But when we got off the plane today, I already regret not living here because the weather is so much better here. You can’t imagine we were frozen – I had a vest with me and all that stuff. You are blessed, to be honest, to live here. We are hard! tough“Jürgen Klopp joked.

“Who to coach between Barca, Real and Atlético? Oh, I have to think about it. These are three good football clubs. I would like to see this as I would fit them all, to be 100% honest. The only problem is that i don’t have time and my spanish is really bad! so you wouldn’t like that having me in spain and then i still speak this broken spanish and always make that joke about ordering a beer. You can’t work with that for a long time! All the clubs here have great managers. Real Mallorca would be nice – to live there at least!“, added the German.

“Liverpool have nothing to prove to the world”

Jurgen Klopp Liverpool 2021

Jürgen Klopp doesn’t think the Reds will want to prove anything to observers around the world after their disappointing Premier League season: “I’m not that determined to show the world how good we are, I want to show our fans that we are still fighting, to be honest. It’s much more important to me. If people think that because we’re not playing in a good situation I’m a worse manager, I don’t like it but I don’t care, to be honest. It’s like that. We had problems; if you’re with us, you know the problems and all that stuff. ”

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“So that’s not about that. That’s what we want to get the most out of this season. So we’ve said it over and over again – until a specific point in the season you create. a base, then there’s the end of the season. And we’re in there. We created a reasonably better base before this season. But we’re still fighting, all of a sudden for places in the League of Nations. champions also “, added the German.

Against Real Madrid, Liverpool will try to take revenge on the Champions League final lost in 2018, although Jürgen Klopp has ruled out any idea of ​​revenge on the part of the Reds. Distanced in the Premier League, Liverpool will surely be even more motivated to shine in C1. What’s more, in the event of a coronation, the Reds will automatically qualify for the competition next season, and this may well be their best chance of getting there.

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