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Leonardo settles accounts with Tebas

The Parisian sports director reserved a dry response to the president of La Liga, for the latter’s repeated attacks against his club.

PSG do not appreciate being accused of cheating by its competitors on the European scene. And when insinuations of this type are recurrent, Ile-de-France officials do not fail to stick out their claws and defend themselves against those who seek to discredit them.

Regularly pointed out and even insulted by Javier Tebas, the boss of the Spanish Liga, the Parisians have already issued a statement to react to these attacks. And Leonardo, the sports director, has just put a layer on the occasion of an interview with Canal +.

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“If I’m annoyed by Tebas’s criticisms?” Not too. For me, they are out of place. I don’t really see a person who has his role making statements like that. But it seems to me more to talk about him or maybe La Liga, at a time when she is not in very good health, than anything else ”, said the Brazilian.

“We respect all the rules of Financial Fair Play”

It is not only Tebas who has led to believe that Paris, thanks to its privileged relationship with UEFA, is circumventing the rules of financial fair play. Jesse Marsch, the Leipzig coach, also made a similar speech a few days ago, clearly questioning the integrity of those in charge of the financial department within the Ile-de-France club.

To the German coach, Leonardo also reserved an answer, perfectly sober and without losing his calm: “We respect all the rules of Financial Fair Play, we have people who take care of that and we know the rules very well. There is nothing we do without taking into account the FPF. And there is nothing that is not in accordance with the rules ”. This has the merit of being perfectly clear. But, it is not sure that this is enough to silence bad tongues and jealous leaders.

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