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Laporta’s revelations on Messi’s extension

Present at a press conference this Friday, Joan Laporta was optimistic about the extension of Lionel Messi to Barcelona.

Joan Laporta, president of FC Barcelona, ​​was present at a press conference this Friday and quickly mentioned the extension of Leo Messi’s contract. Without going into details, Laporta was optimistic about the future of La Pulga, while his current contract on June 30.

Laporta is optimistic for Messi

“The new contract with Messi is going well, but it is not yet done (…) We must continue to work from all sectors of the club. We are preparing a proposal which, with the limits of the club, can convince Messi. We are all preparing what it takes for him to continue at Barça, ”he explained.

Laporta also pointed out that with Messi “ the relationship is very good, because Leo loves Barça and, although he is a player who is coveted by his talent, we have the conviction that we are doing whatever is necessary to ensure that he continues with us at Barça ”.

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