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Laporta’s message to Griezmann

The Barcelona president has hinted that he could ultimately keep Antoine Griezmann in his squad.

While his departure from Barcelona this summer seemed to be almost a given, Antoine Griezmann is now well on his way to continue his journey with Catalan training. The Frenchman was reassured a few days ago by Ronald Koeman, the coach. And, this Tuesday, it was Joan Laporta’s turn to indicate that the Mâconnais still has his place within the club and that he will be the sole decider of his future.

It will be up to Griezmann to decide

“Griezmann is happy with the staff, he’s a professional, he fights like the other players. This is a situation to which we are open because in the market there was interest in him and everything remains the same. If the player does not see an offer he wants to accept, we will have to respect his contract ”, declared the Barcelona president.

Laporta also spoke about the club’s transfer window, recalling that the room for maneuver was reduced with regard to reinforcements : “I wouldn’t want to focus on just one player, if there are no starts, there will be no more incorporations. We are not in a strong position to make investments ”. Words that are not likely to reassure the supporters, while Lionel Messi has still not extended his contract on the Camp Nou side.

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