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Laporta’s cry of alarm on Barça’s finances

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has admitted the Catalan club’s finances are in worse shape than they initially thought.

The 58-year-old leader became Barca president for the second time in March, replacing Josep Maria Bartomeu, and he has already signed a few rookies this summer, and tried to give a rather alarmist look at the current situation at Camp Nou.

“The club are in a worse situation than I expected, and I expected them to be in a tough spot,” Laporta said in an interview with La Vanguardia.

“There are contracts that limit us enormously. There are things that will have to be explained and I will not rule out action. ‘

“Everything will be explained, because otherwise we would be accomplices. The same people always appear in the contracts.”

Barcelona are the club with the highest payroll in the world, which is part of the reason for their current precarious financial situation, and Laporta has recognized the need to address this issue.

“We ended up with a team with outdated salaries and we will have to juggle,” he noted.

“Existing contracts can be changed or restructured, and then there are drastic measures that we would like not to have to take. Nothing is excluded for the good of Barcelona.”

“Between salaries and depreciation, we have a figure of 650 million, which is more than the club’s income. These salaries are obsolete.”

One of Laporta’s main goals has been to get Lionel Messi to sign a new contract, but he is still awaiting a response from the Argentine star.

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“I would like Messi to say yes as soon as possible, it would help us in all respects,” he said.

“We are in communication, day in and day out. He is enthusiastic and I am grateful for his desire to stay.” The Barcelona president is determined to see more rookies arrive at the club, despite the aforementioned financial difficulties the club face, while also defending the need for a European Super League.

“There will be three or four more signings,” Laporta said. “If we want football to be more attractive and sustainable, we have to take this path[withtheSuperLeague”[aveclaSuperLeague”

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