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Laporta is enraged for Wijnaldum and spits on PSG!

The president of FC Barcelona returned to the transfer to Paris Saint-Germain of Georginio Wijnaldum, who preferred the French club’s project to that of his team.

“A player escaped us last week. There are club states that can have any player. They just need to want it. These words, signed Joan Laporta, reflect all the bitterness of the Catalan leader following the outcome of the Wijnaldum case, after the Dutch international opted for Paris Saint-Germain despite the interest of FC Barcelona.

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Laporta’s tackle at PSG

Laporta has it bad. The president of Barça expressed the bottom of his thoughts. “We had stopped on a player, we worked for him to come, and to arrive a club which pays the double and which takes it. The player, especially compared to his age (30 years), looks more at the salary than the fact of being in a club that can win “, He blurted out again in this interview with the daily La Vanguardia. Finally, Laporta also thundered that Barça “deserved to pass”, in his eyes, during the Champions League campaign.

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