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Lacazette’s big step backwards

While he was announced at Atlético, Alexandre Lacazette could finally sign in favor of a lesser famous club.

Undesirable at Arsenal, where he is urged to exit, Alexandre Lacazette is trying to find a new club to relaunch his career. The Frenchman had been announced to Juventus and then to Atlético, but he may take a much less upscale destination. According to the site 90min, the former Lyon would be closer to an engagement with West Ham today.

Back off to better blow up ?

Admittedly, for two seasons, the Hammers have been at the top of the table in the Premier League, but it is obvious that their pedigree is not as important as those of the Bianconeri or the Matelassiers. At 30, and after spending long weeks on the bench, Lacazette however does not have much choice. It is either joining the team of David Moyes, or taking the risk of remaining “placarded” for a whole season.

By signing with West Ham, Lacazette will however have an advantage. That of not having to move since he will stay in London. In addition, he will continue to play in a championship that he knows well and where he has 50 goals in 129 games.

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