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Kita makes a very loud announcement

The Kita family will not leave FC Nantes, as announced by Franck Kita this Thursday.

Franck Kita, son of Waldemar Kita, appeared before the press on Thursday for the resumption of FC Nantes. The club’s deputy general manager assured him: the FCN is not for sale. “When you want to sell your car, you say so,” he explained. Me, I say it is not for sale. There are even clubs that mandate investment banks or take steps, which is not the case. Afterwards, it’s simple, we are in football, so when there is a transfer window, we buy and sell players, we can always listen to anything, that’s obvious. We are only passing through. Still need an interesting offer. “

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“I apologize, the president apologizes”

The leader, however, wanted to make a mea-culpa compared to the past season, concluded by a maintenance torn off in the barrage. “If we want things to calm down, we have to do a mea culpa. I apologize, the president apologizes, we did some bad things, it’s obvious, or we should not have done some things. But let’s try to be constructive, to move forward, the club is not for sale, we will stay there, as long as things go well ”.

“If we wanted to leave, we would have left before”

“It would make me terribly sad to leave one day. One day, we will leave, but it will really make me sad, I love this club deeply. This is our 15th season: if we wanted to leave, we would have left before, continued Franck Kita. Afterwards, of course, if we had a much larger budget, we could perhaps find the Nantes from before. It’s much more difficult today, it’s another world, you need enormous financial resources to try to compete with the teams at the top, but we are passionate. “

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