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Keane unveils ideal recruit for MU

Roy Keane, the former MU player, thinks the English club must enlist Harry Kane at all costs.

Roy Keane, one of the MU legends, urged Mancunian officials to recruit Harry Kane. According to him, Tottenham center forward is the missing player in this formation so that it manages to take a step forward and compete for the title of champion in England.

Keane likes Kane the player, but not the leader

Kane has a market value that exceeds 140M €. But, for the Irish icon, it is perfectly worth them and United must rush into this issue with their eyes closed. “I think Kane is an amazing player, every club should try to sign him, Manchester United have to sign him, I don’t care that he costs £ 120million… sign him”, he blurted out at Sky Bet. As a reminder, the Red Devils have competition for this track as Man City and Chelsea are also allegedly interested in the Spurs star.

While praising Kane’s qualities as a player, Keane regretted that the latter did not have a more assertive character on the pitch. “I don’t think he’s a good leader,” he said. I never see him bitching at anyone at Spurs. I know people might say ‘that’s not his personality’ or ‘he could do it in the locker room’. But, I don’t think it does and that’s a big deal. Okay, you can be a leader with your game. But I think sometimes I want to see a different side of Kane, I would love to see him put a grip on someone ”.

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