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Kean, Ancelotti’s message to Leonardo

Everton manager has sent a message to PSG leaders regarding Moise Kean.

Moise Kean wants to stay at PSG and has never hidden it. Recently, the Italian striker on loan from Everton proclaimed loud and clear his desire to stay in Paris beyond his loan period. Via his Instagram account, the Parisian scorer, author of a satisfactory season, affirmed that he saw himself continuing his odyssey in Ile-de-France and Carlo Ancelotti, the manager of the Toffees, is willing to accede to his request.

“If he wants to stay at PSG …”

“If he wants to stay at Paris Saint-Germain, the only option is to find an agreement with PSG, explained the Italian in remarks relayed by the Guardian. I don’t want to have players on my team who are unhappy. So if there are some who are unhappy to stay here, they can ask to leave. I want players who want to stay at Everton and be part of the project. “

“It’s the same for all players. There is no player I can force to stay. That’s what I told them recently. They know that. If someone is not happy, they can go. An unhappy player will not be a good thing in our project. I don’t want to name other players, but for the most part their involvement in the matches was not good, it was unacceptable, ”added Ancelotti.

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