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Karim Benzema reveals his three football dreams

Back in the France team, Karim Benzema returned to his dreams when he was still a young footballer.

He was expected as the messiah since the announcement of his return to the France team for Euro 2020 but after only four matches, Karim Benzema finds the famous critics who had already marked his first adventure with the Blues. In lack of realism since his return, the French striker is already singled out even before the end of the group stage.

The dream and the hope of a return to the selection quickly gave way to the real daily life of an attacker: statistics above all. For the needs of its equipment supplier, Adidas, Benzema returned to this return with the Blues.

“It’s a real pleasure to play again for France, and especially to participate in the Euro, he admits in the commercial. I understood that we should never give up. We must keep hope. because work pays. As long as there is a chance, you have to keep fighting. When you hold on to what you love, dreams come true and you have the opportunity to make history. “

Dreams, it has been a question since childhood at Karim Benzema. A native of Bron, the Real Madrid striker learned football in the street before climbing the ladder one by one. An ascent that led him to win three Champions League in a row and to become one of the captains of the biggest club in the world.

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This trajectory, “KB19” dreamed it over and over again until it became reality during the summer of 2009 and his departure from Olympique Lyonnais to Madrid, at only 21 years old.

“When I was little, I lived in an apartment with a balcony overlooking a courtyard. It wasn’t a football field, but we used the trees to make a goal. I had three good teammates. left, one on the right and one in the middle. They passed the ball to me and I always wanted to score goals. “

“When you’re a kid you have a lot of dreams. First, to become a professional footballer, second to play for Lyon, and third, to sign for Real Madrid. For me, being a footballer is not a job. When I go to training i’m happy, i play soccer. “

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