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Karim Benzema, his return “is not com”

Wednesday, Karim Benzema found his way back to the training center in Clairefontaine, five and a half years after leaving it. Selected forEuro 2021 by Didier Deschamps, the Real Madrid striker had a smile, like the president of the French Football Federation (FFF), Christmas Le Graët.

The president of the FFF spoke on Thursday in an interview for the newspaper The Parisian and explained the circumstances of Karim Benzema’s return to the France team. He asserts that this turnaround “is not advertising or communication”. For Noël Le Graët, this return is above all a sporting choice desired by Didier Deschamps. It also attests that it is the fruit of reflection for several months. “I have always wanted this return, and when I was discussing with Didier, I was always constant on Benzema,” he said.

Benzema: Deschamps “was completely decided”

Noël Le Graët also provided new information concerning a crucial meeting between Didier Deschamps and Karim Benzema. “Last year, it wasn’t even worth it. But gradually I felt it was getting better, and then one day, Didier called me and said:” Here, I think I’m going to go on see. “I would have preferred that it be done for a long time, but there, it was quite decided. Didier thinks of the return of Benzema for six months.”, he revealed to the Parisian.

Before continuing: “For a while, I felt that Didier, I wouldn’t say … was flinching, but in any case had forgotten this war of words. And then he was sensitive to the fantastic season of Karim Benzema and he wanted to do the peace.” A big comeback that delighted Noël Le Graët. He has not yet called Karim Benzema but will meet him on Sunday during his visit to Clairefontaine to greet the group. “The France team won without Benzema, but sportingly he deserved his selection,” concludes the president.

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