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“Kanté is the best midfielder in the world”

The Chelsea captain paid tribute to the performance of the Blues midfielder.

Cesar Azpilicueta named N’Golo Kanté the best midfielder in the world after excelling in Chelsea’s 1-0 win over Manchester City in the Champions League final.

The France international has added club football’s greatest honor to a list of successes that include the World Cup, Europa League and Premier League wins, which he won with the Blues and Leicester City. In addition, he won his third successive Champions League man of the match award in Porto, while Chelsea claimed their second success in the prestigious European competition.

“It’s simple, yes [il est le meilleur du monde]”Azpilicueta said.” He does it all. The energy he brings, I don’t know how many balls he collected today. The way he’s moving the ball forward, he’s covering so much ground. ‘

“It’s special to have him. Of course when we don’t have him we miss him. After winning the World Cup and now the Champions League he is still so humble as a person.”

“I am so happy for him, he is an integral part of this team and I am very happy to have him by my side for a few years.”

“Azpi” went on to praise the squad players for not upsetting the squad ahead of the game.

“In the locker room I know how difficult it can be to be excluded from the squad when we have so much competition, but everyone has kept their egos [de côté] and put everything in favor of the team, ”he added.

“For me that’s the most satisfying thing tonight. Guys like Timo, Mason, Kai, Christian when he arrived and the work they did for the team was amazing. They stepped up as as a group and as a team, we want to build on that and create some special things. “

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