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Juninho’s confidences on Memphis replacement

In an interview with OLTV, the sports director of Olympique Lyonnais spoke of the summer transfer window.

“We work, we know what we need, we have a club to manage behind, I watch a lot. We have targeted players, but it is not easy with the crisis, which is global. The English will control the market ”. In an interview with OLTV, Juninho announced the color for the transfer window. The Brazilian wanted to contextualize in relation to the football economy, seriously impacted by the health crisis. We are working to have an even better team, we have to start from this base, players who bring us desire, wins, which we have lost for a long time, ”he stressed, frankly. .

Memphis replacement: “a winger who provokes, eliminates, goes fast and defends”

In this media release where he also responded to the attacks of Rudi Garcia, the sporting director of OL lingered on the replacement for Memphis Depay, drawing a fairly clear robot portrait. “To replace Memphis, I think we need a winger who provokes, who eliminates, who goes fast and who defendsd. We are working on tracks that are not easy, they are expensive players, ”he explained. “Maybe we will miss things on the transfer window, we try to weigh the pros and cons, for the needs of the team. We need percussion, to be able to get out of the pressure, ”concluded Juninho.

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