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John Obi Mikel: Hazard was ‘the laziest player’ at Chelsea

Former Hazard teammate at Chelsea, Obi Mikel believes that the Belgian has not reached the level of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo because of his laziness.

Desperate. This is the word that must certainly come first when Real Madrid fans are asked about the Eden Hazard case. Recruited one hundred million euros in the summer of 2019, the Belgian was supposed to take over from Cristiano Ronaldo, who left for Juventus Turin a year earlier.

But, the Madrid adventure simply turns into a nightmare for the former LOSC nugget. In two seasons, he only played 36 games and spent more time in the infirmary than on the Spanish lawns.

At 30, is Hazard paying in Spain for the mistakes of the past and his lack of involvement in the daily management of his career? Many think so. Among them, John Obi Mikel did not question the ethics of the Belgian but his laziness to want to become the best in the world.

“When we trained he would wait until we were done. He’s the laziest player, but on Sunday he was still the best player in the game. It was amazing.”, the Nigerian confessed to The Athletic.

“I always said that Hazard is one of the most gifted players, he had it all: speed, power, skill, technique ….. He was right behind Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. But only if he wanted to. . “

For many observers, he had the qualities and his career at Chelsea proved it. He simply did not give himself the means. When Cristiano Ronaldo and his legend of 3,000 sit-ups a day made his body a real work object, Hazard relied on his above-average qualities, while leaving out the invisible part of a worker’s job. footballer.

“He would sometimes say to himself: ‘If I want to be this good, I can be as good. Not as good as Messi because he is from another planet, but I think I can be close to Cristiano and even better’ . Those are the words that came out of his mouth, but he’s not that dedicated. He doesn’t train well, he’s the worst training player I’ve ever played with. “

In Madrid, we would like to be able to say it but the supporters do not even have the chance to see him train, he who spends most of his time in the treatment room …

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