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In Madrid, Jürgen Klopp and the Reds still foil

Liverpool is in great danger after his defeat (1-3) on the lawn of real Madrid in the quarterfinals go from the Champions League. Jürgen Klopp’s players were too passive against those of Zinédine Zidane. The German coach of the Reds regretted the lack of intensity of his players, trapped by Vinicius twice. It will take a much better game at Anfield Road next week to hope to reach the last four of the competition. Fortunately, Mohamed Salah’s goal keeps hope alive.

Liverpool fall back into their failings in Madrid

Liverpool thwarted and fell back into their failings in Madrid, a few days after a perhaps trompe-l’oeil victory against Arsenal (3-0). Against Real, Liverpool suffered the law of the players of Zinedine Zidane, often transcended by the Champions League when it comes to the decisive matches. Reds side, he missed the intensity of these major European shocks. “If we want to go to the semi-finals, we have to win the right to play them, simply let go of Jürgen Klopp at a press conference. And that was not our case tonight (Tuesday), especially in the first period. So the only positive thing I can say about this game, other than the fact that we scored a goal, is that we are only at half-time of this confrontation. not playing good enough football to create more problems for Real. “

Jürgen Klopp hopes for something else on his return

“I really thought it was possible, but we didn’t manage to show it tonight (Tuesday), so we’ll have to show it in the next match,” continued the German coach of Liverpool. We made it too easy for them. We will need more intensity when we have the ball. You can’t really defend against Real’s speed if you lose the ball at the worst moment. When you lose the ball but are in a good position to do the counter-pressing, that’s not a problem. But we lost it at the worst time and way too easily, putting it on their feet and we were very quickly in a one-on-one with world-class players and that’s really not cool for anyone. is face to face. “Next week in England, we will have to rediscover the madness that has made the big European parties at Liverpool in recent years.

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