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“I’m better than Inter”

José Mourinho believes he has evolved as a technician since his successful stint at Inter in 2010.

New Roma coach Jose Mourinho claims he is returning to Italian football being a better technician than he was ten years ago with Inter Milan.

Mourinho landed yesterday in Rome to take charge of the training of the Giallorossi. On his arrival, he was also entitled to a rock star welcome. The local tifosi have high hopes in him following the disappointing interlude from Paulo Fonseca.

Mourinho brandishes the map of lived experience

On the club’s official website, The Speciale One said: “I’m doing a lot better now. I’m serious – because I think it’s a job where experience matters a lot. The experience makes everything look like déjà vu because I have had so many experiences since I left Italy. I went to Real Madrid, which was an incredible experience, where I realized my dream of winning in Italy, England and Spain. Then back to England where my family resides ”.

The Portuguese coach also took the opportunity to address a tackle to his former Tottenham leaders : “I even had the extreme experience of bringing a team to the final of a competition and not playing it, which I thought would never happen in my career and it happened. So with so much experience and learning with the good times and the bad, I’m a lot more prepared now than I was ten years ago ”.

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