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“I woke up the dead”, launches Boudjellal

Mourad Boudjellal believes he has had a positive impact for Olympique de Marseille in the case of the potential buyout of the club.

Engaged with the Franco-Tunisian businessman Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi for the acquisition of Olympique de Marseille, Mourad Boudjellal has moved away from the Marseille club. Despite this, the former president of RC Toulon (rugby) remains very attached to OM and defends his approach, even believing that it has had a positive impact for the Marseille team.

“Since I showed up, they have been doing a great job”

You know, I have a talent, it is to wake up the dead. I woke up the Sporting Club of Toulon which is doing an admirable job, and which should on paper go up to National. Same for OM, he launched in remarks granted to the newspaper Le Figaro. Since I showed up, they’ve been doing a great job. We have to admit it. They have a great project, they have found new ideas and ambition. There are some really good things and he seems to have understood some things. From now on, I am concentrating only on the Hyères 83 Football Club project ”.

As a reminder, Mourad Boudjellal is the current owner of the Hyères club, playing in National 2.

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