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“I will no longer speak with the doctors for Kanté”

Affected a week ago, N’Golo Kanté does not yet know if he will be able to play the final of the Champions League. Tuchel remains optimistic.

All of London holds its breath. Finally all the blue London and Chelsea supporter. Six days before the Champions League final against Manchester City, the London club remains hooked on any news that may fall on N’Golo Kanté. Released through injury a week ago, the midfielder did not play the last day of the Premier League and remains uncertain.

Present at a press conference on the sidelines of this crucial meeting, Thomas Tuchel gave an update on his troops and in particular on the injuries of the French and Edouard Mendy. The former PSG coach was reassuring to say the least about the chances of seeing the two former Ligue 1 players on the pitch at Porto.

When talking about N’Golo Kanté, Tuchel preferred to play the humor card, by dint of being questioned about his player.

“For N’Golo nothing has changed, I am thinking of changing my tactics now to stop asking questions about N’Golo and just put him on the pitch in Wednesday’s practice.”

“I’m going to stop asking him if there are any problems, I’m just going to put him on the pitch in practice and on the pitch on Saturday when the game starts.”

“And maybe I won’t talk to the doctors and physiotherapists anymore, so I don’t hear any more doubts, no complaints or nothing.”

“Seriously, it looks good and I hope it stays that way.”

Concerning Edouard Mendy, optimism is also in order. Released through injury against Aston Villa and replaced by Kepa on Sunday, the former Rennes goalkeeper could have given up on the Champions League final. But to listen to Tuchel, this is not really the path taken by the Senegalese.

“Edou will play if he’s in good shape. And if he’s not in good shape on Wednesday, we will try Thursday, and if not we will try on Friday. We will be reasonable and take responsibility for the decision. At the same time, we have confidence. in that if he’s not fit, we’ve got a strong guy with Kepa who would take his place. “

“So the race is on. We are happy that the pictures did not show that the injury was too serious. So we are positive. But every hour and every day counts. Hopefully the team around Edouard and himself can do enough to get him on the pitch. That would be a big boost for us. “

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