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His lifestyle, Dembélé takes out the Kalash

Targeted by critics for his supposedly deplorable lifestyle, Ousmane Dembélé responds to his many detractors.

Ousmane Dembélé had a lot to say. At the microphone of bein Sports, the French international was notably surveyed on his future this Saturday, he who is coveted by several English clubs after his resurgence at the highest level with Barça this season. ” My future ? I still have a year of contract left. There hasn’t been a discussion with the club yet, I’m happy, and I feel good. There is the new president who has arrived and whom I do not know too well, but he is very close to the players. We’ll see how it goes, ”said the former Rennais.

“It’s the people talking …”

Another recurring subject for Ousmane Dembélé, injuries and the (many) hardships he has gone through in order to finally be able to properly exploit his potential. “I always kept a smile, even after an injury. I was very dejected after that of Dortmund. but 5.10 min later, I was already starting to smile and talk with friends. I told myself that this is life. There are trials in life, you have to overcome them and then work“, He admitted.

For some, the recurrent injuries of the French are the direct consequence of his lifestyle, his diet or his many delays due to lack of sleep. Critics contested by the person concerned. “Healthy living is just people talking. The injuries, it’s not because of that. You don’t stay at Barca for four years with a poor lifestyle. I feel good since my return. Yes, it is true that I resist more. Clément (Lenglet) teases me by the way, telling me that I have to put more punches. “Finally, Dembélé mentioned his new nickname in the Barça locker room:” Messi talks a lot, especially to young people. To me too, he gives me advice. In the locker room, they call me Samuel Eto’o because I play in pointe now. “

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