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Hazard, the obese replacement of Cristiano Ronaldo?

A former Belgian international does not put gloves on the evocation of Eden Hazard, which he sharply criticizes.

Eden Hazard takes a lot of money from a former Belgian international. In the pages of the Flemish daily Laatste Nieuws, Gilles De Bilde is very cash. The former Belgian Golden Boot considers very cash that the star of the Red Devils is not very professional in the approach of his profession. “Eden has rested her entire career on her talent. He never worked, ”he thunders in the preamble. “He goes to Real Madrid, becomes the club’s record purchase, we hope that he will be the ideal replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo… And he arrives overweight. It’s Eden Hazard all spat out. And after each injury, he must catch up to reach the level of his teammates at Real. But that’s wrong because Hazard never learned how to build basic fitness. “

“Hazard’s problem: motivation”

De Bilde nevertheless affirms that Hazard should play the Euro with the Belgian selection: “If he is fit medically, then he must be taken to the Euro because his talent is so enormous that he has no only need a quarter of an hour to tell the difference. If Hazard had the same work ethic as Romelu Lukaku, then he would have reached the same level as Messi and Ronaldo. Lukaku is as motivated for a World Cup semi-final as he is for a me *** (sic) match in Iceland… ” It is said.

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