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“Haaland should cost between 500 and 600M €”

A former Bayern icon believes it is impossible for the Munich club to enlist Erling Haaland due to the possible cost of the operation.

Borussia Dortmund’s prolific goalscorer Erling Haaland is stirring up envy right now. However, no club has yet concretely come forward to sign him.. Bayern Munich were said to intend to do so in order to anticipate a possible departure of Robert Lewandowski, but that is unlikely to happen.

“Haaland can only go to England”

A certain Markus Babbel, emblematic ex-defender of the Bavarian team, believes that the German champions have no interest in enlisting the Norwegian, because it would be ruined. In an interview with Goal Germany, he said: “The only country that can buy Haaland at the moment is England, they have a different kind of money. There is no way Bayern could have it because you would have to spend € 140-180million on the transfer. Bayern can’t do it. The whole package would be too expensive. Raiola, he’s not the cheapest agent in the world, he also wants a lot of commissions. And if you pay that much money, he has to be the highest paid player on the team. The whole is therefore of the order of 500 to 600 million euros and Bayern is not in a position to spend as much ”.

The 1996 European champion then advised the Bayern board to do everything to keep Lewandowski, a center forward like we don’t see many these days. “Bayern are so happy with Robert Lewandowski. Haaland is a huge talent, but there is 12 years in between and Lewandowski has more experience and is still 100% fit. He knows the club, he knows the pressure and he can handle it. I can’t believe Bayern would trade Lewandowski with Haaland, ”he said.

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