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Haaland at Barça? Koeman’s response

Asked about Erling Haaland at a press conference, Ronald Koeman, Barça coach, did not evade.

Erling Haaland at Barça, the soap opera continues. A little reminder of the previous episodes is necessary as a preamble. In the last opus, the father as well as the player’s agent went to Barcelona to talk to Joan Laporta, the president of Barça. Enough to relaunch the rumor mill on a lasting basis. But what does Ronald Koeman think? Asked about this at a press conference, the Batavian coach of FC Barcelona does not say much concrete, but one thing is certain: he does not say no.

“It’s up to the president to decide”

Koeman also confirmed in a pre-match press conference on Sunday that he had had talks with the recently elected president of Barça on possible recruits, but that he was not prepared to discuss a specific interest for Haaland. “We are discussing future plans, but the decision is made by the president,” Koeman said ahead of Monday’s game with Real Valladolid. “Everyone, including the president, is working to improve the team knowing the economic situation of the club, which is not the best. The leaders showed me from day one that they would try to improve this situation and in terms of signings it all depends on the possibilities we have. It is normal to speak in the latter part of the season. Now I’m not interested in the names that are coming out, we have to focus on the last few games we have left to play. I’m not going to talk about players who are not ours.“, He still asserts in front of the Spanish media. to be continued in the next episode.

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