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Guardiola: “To win, we will have to master our nerves”

The Manchester City boss believes Saturday’s final against Chelsea will be played largely on the mind.

Pep Guardiola finds it normal that his Manchester City players are anxious ahead of the Champions League final against Chelsea, but he called on them to keep their cool in trying to win the game.

City will play the first C1 final in its history and in its workforce there is only Ilkay Gundogan who has known this honor in the past. However, the former Barcelona coach has the experience to handle these kinds of events both as a coach and as a player and above all he wants to emphasize that the opportunity is exciting.

“I know exactly how we want to play, who we’re going to play with and I’m not going to disturb them too much.”, the City manager said of his pre-match chat to the players. “I know exactly what I’m going to tell them. Guys who are anxious and nervous, I’ll tell them it’s okay. They have to deal with this.”

“It’s an amazing experience to be here, I never expected when I start my career playing even a final. We are so lucky,” he bid.

“Difficult to comfort those who will not play”

Guardiola is going to be able to field a fully fit and rested team and he admits it will be a tough decision to let key players out of his starting XI. But, he urged those who would not be lined up from the start to be ready to step off the bench and make an impact in the game.

“Leaving players out is terrible, it’s absolutely a disaster. I advise you not to be a manager in your life., did he declare. I don’t have good words to comfort the guys who won’t play, but my advice is to stay with the squad, there are five substitutions and everyone has a chance. Everyone will be a part of it. I am extremely sorry for them, but it is like that. I will do my eleven with the goal of winning the match. Life will always give you another chance. Work harder next time and maybe you will be there. “

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