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Guardiola: “My Barça players were killers”

Pep Guardiola recalled an anecdote about his FC Barcelona players.

May 25, 2012 will be forever etched in Barcelona’s memory for many reasons, but especially when they said goodbye to their coach Pep Guardiola.

“My players were fucking murderers”

That year, the Catalan club won the Copa del Rey title by beating Athletic Club, their last opponents.

Guardiola, who is now at Manchester City, recalled in an interview with TV3 the generation of players he had at Barcelona and the claim that they went slow on the Basques in the second half after scoring the three goals from the 3-0 victory before. the break.

“I remember when I went out on the pitch I saw the tension of the Athletic Club players,” he said.

“The Barcelona players, on the other hand, seemed to be playing a friendly game. They were used to it, they knew they were going to win.”

“I would tell you with complete certainty that it was not like that [le fait d’être allé doucement en seconde période]. “

“Marcelo Bielsa’s sides are educated for resilience and they never give up and these Barcelona players would score five goals if they could and if they could score eight goals they would.”

“They were lovely people, but on the pitch these players were fucking murderers.”

Finally, Guardiola spoke to TV3 about his personal feelings the day he said goodbye to Barcelona. “There was a personal emotional problem in me that was more pronounced than in the other finals, but I tried to keep my cool,” Guardiola concluded.

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