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“Guardiola does not have great players”

A former Pep Guardiola player believes Manchester City lack a world-class player.

Philipp Lahm, who played under Pep Guardiola at Bayern Munich, believes the squad the Catalan coach has at his disposal at Manchester City are not as talented as the teams he has worked with before.

The former Germany international believes the Citizens have good players, but not at the same level as Guardiola’s Barcelona side.

“In Barcelona Guardiola had four or five players who would be part of a world eleven, in Manchester City he doesn’t have that, despite big investments,” Lahm wrote in the Guardian.

“As Guardiola once said, wonders like Kylian Mbappé and Neymar always prefer metropolises like London and Paris or clubs with a glorious history. Measured as a team, City would not be the favorites [pour la Ligue des champions]. “

Lahm, who won the Champions League with Bayern in 2013, explained the importance of having the best players, describing Guardiola’s approach to football as a ‘celebration of individuality’.

“He just knows that big games are decided by big players,” Lahm wrote. “Creativity is more important than training. “Guardiola pays homage to his players and does not elevate himself or a system like 4-3-3 or 3-5-2 above his players.”

Lahm explained that Guardiola seeks to make the most of his team by making the most of each individual. “Some coaches are looking to reduce the complexity of football, but Guardiola wants to master it,” Lahm said.

“One can compare his task to a grand chess master or a conductor who gets the most out of each instrument. “He works on the role of each individual every day, Guardiola does it with a passion that I have never experienced in anyone else.” Lahm mentions that Guardiola has improved players such as Kyle Walker and Kevin de Bruyne, although he would still like to “pick 11 Andres Iniestas”.

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