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Guardiola and Manchester City “ready to make history” in Champions League

The Catalan coach is determined to give City their first European championship title and he is quite confident in this regard.

Pep Guardiola believes his Manchester City side are “ready” to make history by winning their first Champions League title, but admits he has yet to decide which eleven he will field in Porto. This should come as no surprise given the abundance of talent the Catalan manager has at his disposal, with Sergio Aguero – who will be leaving the club after this game.

Regardless of the players he will field, Guardiola is convinced that his training will meet his expectations. The former Barcelona coach is even very confident about winning a trophy that has eluded him for ten years.

Asked about the composition of the team he will opt for, Guardiola told reporters during his press conference leading up to this final: “They’re ready, I know how good they are, all of them, I’m not going to change because of a practice or two, like they need to convince me. I know most of them. them for many years. I have an idea, but there is still the starting XI. Not yet defined “.

Speaking about this great European meeting, the 50-year-old technician also confided: “I never thought at the start of the season that it was the season to reach the final. You never approach a competition with such a reflection. Since I started in Barcelona, ​​we are teams quite similar to what we were in the past and when we were away. The margins are low, and that hasn’t changed much from the times when they were unfavorable to us. “

“Without a huge desire to win, we will fail”

“We’re pretty happy to go into the final but we know that if you don’t have a huge desire to win it, a huge desire to know what to do, then it won’t be possible to win the game. and win this final “, Guardiola added.

Guardiola has already led City this season to final victory in the Carabao Cup and Premier League in 2020-2021, but the final leg of the treble seems to be the most complicated to complete. Chelsea, for their part, did well in the league and in the Cup but without winning anything. However, Thomas Tuchel has had a positive impact at Stamford Bridge since his arrival.

The German tactician is a man Guardiola knows well and with whom he has developed a close friendship in the past. The latter said of the former PSG coach: “When I was coaching at Bayern Munich, he organized a dinner together in Munich in a good restaurant, with Peter Herman. We talked about soccer, soccer, soccer and soccer. That’s all. Talk about this, about that, of our feelings, of our loves, of good players, of bad players and of football, with interesting people. I learned a lot. With good food, good wine, always a good time to share. great memories and we both have a great relationship, I respect him, he knows and I know we want to win. “

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