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Griezmann surprised by Benzema’s return to France team

Antoine Griezmann did not expect at all to see Karim Benzema wearing the Blues jersey again.

Before tackling the Euro and a first match against Germany, on June 15 in Munich, Antoine Griezmann confided in our colleagues from The team.

Surprised by Benzema’s return

In this long interview, Antoine Griezmann obviously returned to the return of Karim Benzema to the France team, after five years of absence: “I was surprised, of course, but also happy. It is Karim, a great striker, who can only do us good. Frankly, we can only be delighted to have him with us. We must do everything now, so that he feels the best possible, as quickly as possible, that he takes this confidence. He’s a guy we can play easily with and he’s obviously welcome among us. “

A single objective at the Euro: the coronation

France is regularly designated as the favorite of the Euro but is this 2021 version of the Blues superior to that of 2018, crowned world champion? Griezmann replies in the affirmative: “On paper, yes. After, on group life, the mental, it will be necessary to see that compared to the matches. From a group life perspective, in 2018 it was exceptional. This is what made us win matches also during difficult times. We will see during complicated periods, during a match and outside, if we can respond in the same way. So far, everything is fine and, frankly, I don’t see why that would change. “

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The Blues striker, who has totaled 37 goals in 91 caps, is also very ambitious, not rejecting the status of favorite: “A successful Euro is winning”.

Barça, his relationship with Messi

During the interview, Antoine Griezmann returned to his complicated first season at FC Barcelona, ​​admitting to having been unhappy: “When you lose the Championship, for example, it makes me sad. At the start of the season too, because I wasn’t playing, that I didn’t feel important. I am used to playing everything, the big matches, I find myself on the bench against Real Madrid (1-3, October 24, editor’s note). It’s pissing to see the teammates warming up on the pitch while you’re next to it. But these are the choices of the coach and we must accept them and do everything possible to change his mind. “

Antoine Griezmann also has some to shed some light on his relationship with Messi. He assures her, all is well between the Pulga and him: ” They are good. We get along well. We sometimes write messages to each other, we communicate a lot in training. On the pitch, he’s obviously a super easy player to play with. You send him a melon, he turns it into caviar. We don’t have that pressure to miss the pass with him. In the game, things get better and better. “

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