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Griezmann has made an important decision for his future

Antoine Griezmann is making plans for the end of his Barcelona odyssey.

The French striker’s dream has always been to one day play in the United States, a country he greatly admires.

Now he seems to have set a date to make this dream come true. Griezmann is part of the France squad at Euro 2020 and has done well so far in the tournament after a patchy season with Barcelona.

In his autobiography, Griezmann has already touched on his desire to play for MLS, but it’s a decision that will require careful planning.

A huge basketball fan, he sometimes enjoys traveling to the United States whenever he has free time to watch an NBA game.

He also follows the NFL and has an affinity with American sports culture in general. His plan is to live it to the fullest when he and his family move there.

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“My contract with Barcelona runs until June 2024 and after that I think it will be a good time to go to the United States. I love this country, their culture, the NBA and I would like to know more about it. subject, with my family when we move there, “said the player in an interview with Le Figaro.

Griezmann is now 30 years old and he still has three years left on his contract with Barcelona. In his interview with Figaro, he also admitted that he doesn’t see himself playing for another European club – at least for now. At 33, he will go in search of a new adventure. But before that, he has goals to achieve with Barcelona.

“I’m still three years old. I have to focus on my career because anything can change at any time … I would love to play in the United States but as the best player on a team that can win MLS, not when my legs are gone and I have nothing more to offer on the pitch, “he concluded.

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