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Griezmann can fear the worst for his return to Wanda Metropolitano

Two years after leaving him, Antoine Griezmann returns to the Atlético stadium this Wednesday evening. The reception reserved for him risks being hostile

Antoine Griezmann reengaged in favor of Atlético Madrid at the end of the last transfer window, following two complicated years spent at FC Barcelona. By returning to the Spanish capital, the French international hopes to be able to recover his true level, but also the joy of playing. He is right to think so since the Matelassiers have not changed much since his departure, with the same coach in place, in the person of Diego Simeone. But, on the other hand, re-acclimatization may not be that easy, due to one big factor: the anger of the socios.

Colchoneros supporters have indeed not forgiven Grizou for joining the Blaugrana, and in particular the way he left. His popularity has therefore seriously declined with the faithful of Wanda Metropilitano and he may see it with his own eyes this Wednesday when he treads the lawn of this enclosure for the Champions League match against FC Porto.

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“Bruised by what Griezmann did”

The Frenchman has already received a warning from the president of the Atlético International Penas Union, a certain Eduardo Fernandez. The latter spoke in L’Equipe and revealed to the ex-idol of Les Matelassiers what awaits him for his comeback at home: “Part of the audience will whistle and insult him, that’s for sure. When his name is announced and as soon as he touches the ball. A minority will still applaud him. Even though I didn’t like what he did, and remember him and forgive him, I’m going to do neither. Like the majority of supporters. Because to whistle one of our players is to shoot yourself in the foot ”.

Then questioned on the exact reasons for this disenchantment with the one who gave them so much happiness in the past, Fernandez retorted: “We were hurt by his departure, and especially the way he did it. It is unanimous among the supporters. We have the feeling of having been led away and deceived. Despite everything he could say, he wasn’t so true to our colors. “

The boss of the socios concluded by indicating that Griezmann must now redeem himself a conduct if he wants to regain the place he had in the hearts of the supporters. “Before, he was our idol. Now he’s just a player like any other. It doesn’t represent much anymore. His image has seriously deteriorated. We’re all still hurt by what he did. Time will have to heal our pain. He will have to regain our trust and our love. How? ‘Or’ What ? By wetting the jersey and scoring ”. So Griezmann knows what remains for him to do now.

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