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Gonzalo Higuain’s revelations on Karim Benzema’s arrival at Real Madrid

Gonzalo Higuain has made some amazing revelations about Karim Benzema’s arrival at Real Madrid.

Inter Miami forward Gonzalo Higuain returned to his time at Real Madrid and admitted that the increased competition within the club made him wonder what more was expected of him.

The 33-year-old joined Los Blancos in 2007 and was joined by Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009, with Karim Benzema and Kaka also arriving the same summer, although he believes the latter two arrived in 2010.

“With Benzema it was a very healthy competition, but we had to do our best. The year Cristiano arrived he scored 27 goals and I scored 26,” Higuain said in an interview with ESPN. Futbol 360, although it was the Argentine who actually scored 27 goals in La Liga against 26 for the Portuguese.

“The next transfer window, they brought in Kaka and Benzema. That’s when I said, ‘How many goals do I have to score?

“Karim came along and he brought out the best version of me and I brought out the best version of him. He’s a great number 9.”

After being signed by Real Madrid at the age of 18, Higuain did not expect to join the club’s first team directly.

“I was not going to go to the Real Madrid first team. They bought me and they were going to keep me in Castilla. There was also the possibility of leaving on loan,” Higuain revealed.

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My father said to me on the plane: “The only thing I’m going to ask you is not to be afraid. Never be afraid, but be respectful … ‘and that sentence stuck with me .

“When I arrived I trained with the first team and in the second training session, [Fabio] Capello told me ‘You stay with us’.

“Three or four days later I made my debut as a Copa del Rey starter. I ended up playing on the right wing.”

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