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Godin is not bitter against Atlético Madrid

Leaving the Spanish club in the summer of 2019, the 35-year-old Uruguayan defender confided in this particular moment of his career for the media AS.

“There was no agreement on a contract renewal, that’s for sure. It had been nine years since I was here, a cycle had ended and I wanted to live another experience. But I can’t have bad words with Atlético, with anyone. What I have are good memories, memories of the supporters, my friends, the people who work at the club, good memories of everything and everyone. At the time, I cried because it’s hard when you leave your house, when you leave the place where you always wanted to be, the place you love, where you have people who love you. But I will always have fond memories of Atlético. “

In the summer of 2019, Diego Godin (35) left the Spanish club freely to sign for the Italian club Inter. After a mixed year (23 Serie A games), the Uruguayan once again left free of any contract in Cagliari, where he has the confidence of the coach (19 Serie A games, 1 goal, 1 assist).

Diego Godin joined Atlético Madrid in 2010, coming from Villareal.

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