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Gerson dubbed by an OM legend

Gerson, the Brazilian midfielder announced in Marseille, has many admirers in his country.

Olympique de Marseille have already started working on their back-up tracks for next season. And among the names that come up most often in the section of transfers and that we associate with the Marseille training there is that of Gerson. A 24-year-old left-handed midfielder who plays for Flamengo.

Olympian officials are won over by the profile of this element. And they are not alone. A certain Carlos Mozer, emblematic ex-figure of the club, advised them to rush without hesitation on this brilliant element. “He is a very technical boy, with a lot of power in his legs, which allows him to protect his ball very well,” began by declaring the 1991 European vice-champion in Provence. He’s quite aggressive, defensively, he can remind you of Luiz Gustavo. But it is above all a game organizer, who likes to enter the opponent’s area, score, make assists. “

“Gerson adapts to many positions in the same match”

The former Auriverde international also revealed the nickname given to his compatriot, while insisting on his strengths and which could be very useful to OM: “He is very versatile, able to recover and go straight to the opposing goal. Here it is called ‘Koringa’, the joker as in a card game, because it can adapt to many positions in the same match. This allows the coach to make him evolve more offensively or more defensively, more axial or on the left side. He dribbles, he hits, plays short, plays long, moves very easily, because he is not heavy. “

Finally, Mozer has indicated that he has no doubts that Gerson will get along with Jorge Sampaoli. “Here, he found a coach who changed his life, Jorge Jesus, the former Benfica. He transformed him, gave him the will to work and made him progress enormously. He plays for the team. Sampaoli can give it the same energy. If he wants to recruit Gerson, it’s no coincidence, he knows him very well, he faced him several times when he was coaching Santos ”. The portrait drawn is laudatory. Now, it’s up to Marseille leaders to play.

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