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Germany – Timo Werner: “Benzema will not weaken France”

A few days away from France-Germany, Timo Werner praised Karim Benzema.

Before facing the France team on Monday, Timo Werner, the Mannschaft striker, was at a press conference and took the opportunity to say all the good he thinks about Karim Benzema.

Werner accepts his replacement status

On his status in selection: “I am not in the starting XI but each time I am a substitute, I accept it and I put at the service of the team. Many of us can claim a titular position but we must think of the collective. Of course I want to play. When I come in, it’s up to me to show that I can meet the coach’s expectations and that I can help the team. “

About Manuel Neuer: “We don’t need to talk about Manu’s qualities but he is by far the best goalkeeper in the world. He has been for years. In training, I can tell you that it is impassable. “

Werner incenses Benzema

About Karim Benzema: “His return will not weaken France (laughs). Benzema is one of the best No. 9 in the world. The Benzema-Griezmann-Mbappé trio, if they play together, are world class and will be extremely dangerous. “

“Obviously, you learn a lot by observing Benzema. For me, he is incredible on the ball, in the way he dribbles, in his movements. It reminds me of Firmino from Liverpool who gets the ball high, distributes the game and is very fast. In my opinion, he is in the top three forwards in the world along with Robert Lewandowski and Cristiano Ronaldo. “

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On N’Golo Kanté, his teammate at Chelsea and opponent during France-Germany: “His greatest strength is his humility. On the field, he always goes to the duel, he never lets go of anything and leaves no space. That’s what makes him special and that’s a big asset for Chelsea and France. “

Chelsea, her pink shoes

On his first season at Chelsea: “The record is good because we won the Champions League. Personally, I’ve had ups and downs, it’s clear, but I’ve learned a lot and I’ve improved a lot. Of course, I should have scored more goals. However, you learn from it and you know what the problem is. I work a lot on my cool. “

On his pink shoes: “The pink shoes were not designed by me, but by Adidas. I don’t think they are ugly, there are much more horrible shoes. Society has changed a lot, so even as a man I can play with pink shoes. “

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