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Gareth Bale will cause ‘chaos’

Welsh winger Gareth Bale has just said that the decision he takes for his future is going to be sensational.

Gareth Bale has just reached the end of his loan spell at Tottenham. The game against Leicester on Sunday night, and in which he found the net, was his very last game with Spurs. What does he plan to do now? Return to Real Madrid or choose another destination?

Bale soon to retire?

The person concerned was asked about the follow-up, but he was careful not to give a clear answer. And he justified his silence by the fact that if he spoke he would “cause chaos”. In fact, he refrained from making the shocking announcement, certainly not to disturb his fans or his Welsh selection. with which he is preparing to compete in the European Nations Championship.

What could be this decision of Gareth Bale, able to make talk and surprise everyone? Only he knows the answer, but one can imagine that early retirement at just 31 and a new career in golf is exactly the type of trajectory this character is likely to take.

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