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Galtier’s big update on the OL rumor

Before the shock against Paris Saint-Germain at the Parc des Princes, this Saturday during the 31st day of Ligue 1, Christophe Galtier could not escape the question of his future and speculation on a possible departure to the Olympic Lyonnais.

The newspaper The Parisian let it be known that Les Gones’ management would think of the LOSC technician in the event of the departure of Rudi Garcia, whose contract ends next June at Groupama Stadium. Annoyed to say the least, the 54-year-old coach made things clear and said he had not discussed with Lyon’s leaders.

“I am scheduled to meet the president, I think quickly. We didn’t talk about it during the break. As for everything that has been said, I will take up precisely what Mr. Aulas said. I did not speak to Mr. Aulas, Mr. Aulas did not speak with me. I did not speak with Juninho, Mr. Juninho did not speak neither with me nor with my environment. Let things be very clear. My relations with Mr. Aulas are very friendly, but it is surely not knowing Mr. Aulas well and knowing me badly to make people believe that one can exchange in this period on the future of the ones and the others. . Obviously my priority will go to LOSC in the discussions that will happen quickly. I want to confirm that there has been no exchange between Mr. Aulas, Juninho and me and my personal environment. None, none, none. “

Appointed in December 2017, the former coach of AS Saint-Etienne is linked until June 2022 with the Mastiffs, second in the standings tied with Paris Saint-Germain.

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