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Galtier announces his departure from LOSC!

Two days after his consecration as champion of France, Christophe Galtier announced that he will no longer coach the LOSC.

Christophe Galtier’s romance with LOSC has come to an end. After four years of experience, which was rich in emotions, the highly respected technician made the choice to look elsewhere. He shared this news on Tuesday in an interview with L’Equipe. It was less than 48 hours after guiding the Mastiffs to the national title.

” I took my decision. I informed my president, Olivier Létang, after listening to him a lot this morning (Tuesday), that I was going to leave LOSC. Or that I was quitting with LOSC, I’m not sure which term to use. I have quite simply the firm conviction that I have done my time here “, he indicated, specifying then that he does not leave because he reached the top:” I leave because I have decided that after four years it was time to leave. “

Galtier will decide in the coming days

By force of circumstances, Galtier is not short of requests. And he admits hesitating between three clubs, namely Lyon, Nice and Naples. “Yes, I have a reflection on these three clubs. We will say that I had four with the LOSC. If I will bounce in one of these three clubs? Football is very special, you never know. “

Galtier has not yet made a decision on what to do with his career. He is in the process of thinking, but he promises to decide before the end of the week. And to those who believe that there is no chance that he will engage with Nice because that would be going down a notch, his response was as follows: “Me, that does not call me to to hear all this because the human relationship is very important. And then there is what we can do together. And I think that in Nice there are the conditions to be efficient. To grow up and look for more important things. “

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