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For Ivanisevic, “coaching Djokovic is like coaching Real Madrid”

Current coach of world number one Novak Djokovic, Goran Ivanisevic pays tribute to his player. He even makes a comparison with Real Madrid.

“With Novak, what is good today is not good tomorrow. It must always be better. Each day must be better than the last, he constantly wants to improve. And you should know that it also pushes me to be a better coach. So it’s not easy to deal with times when there are ups and downs, when the pressure is very strong because the final is not good enough. It’s like saying you coach Real Madrid football club, if you lose two games the fans ask you to leave. They want to kick you out. So now that Novak is like an institution, he only wants records, records, and win, win, win… and that’s a lot of pressure, but life without pressure is boring. “ He explained to the media.

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