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Edouard Cissé: “Paris has lost its temper”

The former PSG midfielder regretted the state of mind of a mentally crumbly team.

Paris Saint-Germain cracked this Tuesday at the Etihad Stadium. After having made a level playing field with the Cityzens during the first period, the players of the club of the capital lost the thread in the second period with as a symbol, the expulsion of Angel Di Maria, however in legs, signing the end of the hopes of the PSG in the competition. The Cityzens have therefore validated their ticket for the final of the Champions League. In an interview with L’Equipe, Édouard Cissé analyzed the match and considers that the first goal weighed down PSG

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“Lots of facts can turn the game upside down but the first goal conceded hurts. A long clearance from Ederson … It means you’re not there defensively, you can’t afford it. Of course, Manchester City have success but success accompanies teams who want more, who have confidence. At the end of the tenth minute, I felt that it was folded. In the attitude of the players but also because it is a goal cap, in the back of the defense. We know then that it will be complicated “, explained the former midfielder of PSG.

And then Manchester, it’s very strong in the middle. I don’t know if people have seen Fernandinho’s game but he will harass the ball carrier, he gets into the passing angles, there is no picture. It is on this plan that I am disappointed, the Parisian environment should have been more aggressive, should have gone to seek the carrier. Fernandinho defended by advancing, I did not see that in Paris, Gueye can do it but he was not there“, added the C1 finalist with Monaco in 2004.

“Neymar overplayed, without Mbappé, it was complicated for him”

Riyad Mahrez.  Manchester City vs PSG 05.04.2021

For Édouard Cissé the absence of Kylian Mbappé changes the whole match, including the score delivered by Neymar: “You no longer have Mbappé, you no longer have to worry about depth (laughs). When you have Mauro Icardi, you have to have the ball and bring it to the last thirty meters, you can no longer play in against. Suddenly, Manchester City’s defense was able to evolve much higher, it suffered one or two waves but much less than if there were Mbappé. I do not want to defend Neymar, he has to score, qu ‘it is more decisive but behind it must be concrete“.

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“And this first goal sucks you, me it weighed me down. After, Neymar made Neymar, he overplayed, he did not have his friend Mbappé, it was complicated for him. It was not a great Neymar therefore it was not a big Paris (…) It is especially the attitude at the end that disappoints me. You are led 2-0 and you go crazy. There is a moment when it is Kevin De Bruyne who is obliged to calm the Parisians! And Di Maria is fooled by Fernandinho. Not Di Maria anyway! Paris has lost its cool. I can understand their frustration, we saw that City was not bothered with the ball. City were stronger, that’s all. In the two encounters, City are superior three out of four periods. And it is not a question of money between the two teams since the players are paid the same. Something is missing collectively“, added the former PSG midfielder.

“It’s a question of the composition of the workforce. PSG still have two of the three best players in the world. You have 400 million transfers, so it’s not a problem of resources, but of choice. Manchester City has a squad of 25 to 30 internationals that Pep Guardiola knows how to manage because you still leave Raheem Sterling and Sergio Agüero on the bench.“, concluded Édouard Cissé.

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