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Eden Hazard, from Real Madrid to Barça?

Former agent of Eden Hazard, John Bico gave an interview to The Last Hour where he regrets the player’s choice to join Real Madrid.

“It was a mistake to go to Real at that time. It is his choice. A choice of heart, but no reason. He should have gone a year before or later but never the year Ronaldo left (actually a year later). Going after him is like climbing the Himalayas with bare hands, ”said Bico in an interview with the Belgian daily La Derniere Heure.

And to continue: “Eden, it is not a player for Real but for Barça. It is at Barça where he should have gone, where the ball runs more than the players unlike Real where the project does not correspond to the physiological memory of his body. That’s why he’s cracking up everywhere. At Barça, he would have had a blast, he would have had more freedom on the pitch […] he would have become the best player in the world there. “

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