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duo Mbappé-Benzema, Michel Platini speaks

Michel platini, the former glory of the French football team, spoke out on the attacking duo Mbappé-Benzema that should put forward Didier Deschamps during the Euro.

Platini hyped by the future Mbappé-Benzema association

This Tuesday, everyone had their eyes on the press conference of Didier Deschamps to announce the 26 players selected to take part in the Euro with the French team. Simple rumor the day before, the presence of Karim Benzema in the list was finally recorded around 8:30 p.m. to the delight of EDF followers.

Michel Platini, former legend of the Blues who won the Euro in 1984, believes that the selection of the striker real Madridpromises great things for what she will showcase even more the other French star, Kylian Mbappé. “Mbappé-Benzema, it’s going to be fantastic”, languishes in advance the former number 10 of Juventus Turin. “He’s a good player. We haven’t been Real Madrid center-forward all these years without being a very, very good player. While brilliant himself, Benzema can enhance Mbappé even more. the same way, he showcased Ronaldo for many years, and then he blew up. “

He never understood the controversies over Benzema

Visibly happy at the microphone of LCI, the former coach was delighted with the return of KB9, admitting to never having understood the controversies surrounding the Lyonnais in EDF. “We had a generation that never sang the Marseillaise”, recalls Platoche. “It started in the 90s. We started to look at the players: whether they sang it or not, and that according to their color. Then, because one was more colorful, we said: he does not sing it. don’t sing, because he mustn’t like France. It’s wrong! We didn’t sing, and yet, at that time, in the French team we were all white. ” Everyone is obviously looking forward to the Euro.

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