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Cuadrado sets Juventus’ goal: “To qualify for the Champions League”

The Colombian all-rounder mentioned Juventus’ goal for the end of the season and returned to elimination in the Champions League.

Juan Cuadrado, who could not join Colombia due to the stop imposed in the South American World Cup qualifiers because of the Covid, took advantage of this truce to empty his bag and does so as a leader of Juventus. The full-back intervened via the web during a meeting with the School of Applied Sciences and Sciences S. Anna for the project “The challenge of Covid in sport”, evoking the effects of the Covid on sport and football.

Buffon and Juventus, it’s over soon

“It’s a special moment for a lot of people. As footballers we are often far from home, I got to know my family and my children better. Even though it was difficult for many, it was good “Football? Isn’t it the same? But the most important is health. Even the youngest because they are the ones who go out the most. The effect of the empty stadium is bad, the supporters are in our charge.” But we are professionals and we must always try to do things in the best possible way “, analyzed Juan Cuadrado.

“I think slowly we can have fans at the stadium. When I found out I was positive for Covid I was very calm. I was asymptomatic and I could do a lot of things It was difficult because seeing my teammates play and I couldn’t help them. During that time I rested physically and spiritually. I always had the opportunity to train. “, added the right-back Juventus.

“It’s never easy to win”

Juventus Inter Roma

Cuadrado obviously also touched on the difficult moment Juventus went through, admitting that the goal now is to qualify for the next edition of the Champions League: “We have to win these last matches and try to stay in the top spots to reach the Champions League qualification. The Italian Cup final has been important since we left Europe.”

Kulusevski: “A disappointing season for Juventus”

Speaking of elimination in the Champions League, Cuadrado emphasizes how winning is never easy or obvious: “It’s football, people think it’s easy but it never is. When you don’t make a dream come true, it’s not because you are poor. You have to work until you reach it. that you get there. We will continue to do this and hope it depends on us. I am convinced that being a great team, we can do it. “

Juventus are having a disappointing season, as Dejan Kulusevski recently described. The Turinese are ten points behind the championship lead, were eliminated in the knockout stages of the Champions League, and must now save the furniture. Qualifying for the next Champions League will be a lesser evil for Andrea Pirlo and his men. Otherwise, it would be a terrible blow for the Bianconeri.

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