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Cristiano Ronaldo demands a lot (too much) from PSG

To sign Cristiano Ronaldo, PSG must expect colossal demands. Leonardo must grant the wishes of the player.

Bringing in Cristiano Ronaldo would be the most significant transfer in the history of PSG. The club’s sporting director Leonardo is said to be working behind the scenes to get this case concluded. However, he must expect multitudes of obstacles coming in particular from Ronaldo …

Indeed, the Portuguese player would require conditions for his arrival in the Capital. The Parisians will have to satisfy the 36-year-old striker in terms of salary. Already badly embarked in the extension of Kylian Mbappé, Leonardo will have to listen to the enormous needs of Cr7 to move forward in the quest for a historic signature.

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Cristiano Ronaldo wants to keep his important salary at PSG

The Portuguese do not want to sell off to come to Paris. Based on information from Corriere della Sera, Ronaldo would like to keep his annual salary of 31 million euros in the event of departure to Paris. Under contract until June 2022 with Juventus, the player would want to leave Juventus this summer. PSG would reflect on the possibility of bringing in Ronaldo in view of the difficult negotiations concerning the extension of Mbappé. Mission impossible for PSG and Leonardo? Case to follow.

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