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Cristiano Ronaldo breaks silence on transfer

On the eve of Portugal’s entry into contention for Euro 2020, Cristiano Ronaldo was kind enough to discuss his club situation with Juventus.

As he prepares to fight for his fifth Euro with Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo is not yet sure what turn his club career will take. Announced with more and more insistence, his departure from Juventus could materialize by the end of the transfer window. While waiting to learn more, the five-time Golden Ball was kind enough to answer a question about his situation.

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This Monday at a press conference, Cristiano Ronaldo showed a very great philosophy and a real hindsight: ” I have been playing at a very high level since I was eighteen. Today, that doesn’t bother me anymore. If I was eighteen or nineteen, the question might keep me awake. But there, at thirty-six … Whatever happens, it will only be positive. Whether I stay or I go (from Juventus). At present, this is not the most important. I am focused on the Euro.

Despite the package from Joao Cancelo, tested positive for Covid-19, Portugal presents itself as one of the main candidates for its own succession. The winning team of Euro 2016 will start the tournament this Tuesday (6 p.m.) with a first opposition against Hungary. She will then meet again in Germany (on the 19th) and France (on June 23, at 9 p.m.).

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