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Courtois’ father attacks Hazard!

Thierry Courtois attacked Eden Hazard, judging his reaction to Chelsea as unprofessional.

Thierry Courtois, Thibaut’s father, spoke of Real Madrid’s elimination against Chelsea and the image left by Hazard at the end of the match.

Courtois’ father mercilessly with Hazard

Thierry Courtois was interviewed on HLN Sportcast and spoke about the Champions League semi-finals between Chelsea and Real Madrid in which his son Thibaut’s team were knocked out.

Beyond elimination, the match left a controversial image and a bitter taste for Real supporters with Hazard laughing at the end of the match during a chat with his former teammates, which ignited social media and in to an extent, Real Madrid.

“It’s really not smart for Hazard to do that,” Courtois’s dad thundered. He probably didn’t think about it but these images are painful for fans who see a player laughing two minutes after being knocked out, ”he said.

Despite this, he says that “if he can still give him the league title in the next matches, everything can be forgotten and forgiven”

Ramos needs to talk to Hazard

Thierry Courtois says that “Ramos or someone else will surely have to talk to him about it”. In his situation of failure in Madrid, can the Belgian really afford these gaps? No, of course. A reframing will certainly be carried out by the club.

If necessary, supporters will take care of this when they return to the stadium. Unless Hazard, still under contract until 2024, leaves the capital before that.

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