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Coman to the Premier League, here we go again

Kingsley Coman is in no rush to extend at Bayern Munich. His departure is more and more often mentioned. Manchester United is again at the cleat.

Kingsley Coman arrived at Bayern Munich in July 2017 and won there and won numerous titles. Four years later, the Frenchman still has two years of contract, but does not seem inclined to extend. While he was in talks with the Bavarian club to possibly extend, the former PSG had stopped negotiations last March. Two months later, the possibility of a departure resurfaced.

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And once again, Manchester United is on the prowl. Extremely interested in the profile of the left winger who can also evolve in midfield, the Red Devils have been eyeing him for a while. And this objective is still relevant today since, as revealed Bild this Saturday, United leaders are said to be ready to offer Coman the 230,000 euros a week he wants.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hopes for his part to be able to recruit at least two world-class players, including a central defender, a midfielder, and why not a striker. The names of Raphaël Varane and Cristiano Ronaldo are already coming back with insistence. Just like Kingsley Coman’s.

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