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City – Fernandinho warns ahead of Chelsea: “Being below 200% won’t be enough to win it”

The experienced City midfielder will play in the first C1 final of his career on Saturday against Chelsea. Determined to win it.

Manchester City captain Fernandinho has said he has been waiting for a chance to make a Champions League final for a long time, as his side face Chelsea on Saturday night. The 36-year-old, who is in his eighth season at the Etihad Stadium, had never made it past the C1 semi-finals.

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But Manchester City will play their first-ever Champions League final this weekend in Porto and the Brazilian veteran is ready to take on the challenge. “There was still that stigma that the team had never reached the final before, that we were an inexperienced team in this competition, but I think this season our team has managed to reach a high level,” said the Brazilian, obviously very proud of this feat, who had been looking forward to it since the time of Shakhtar.

“We always have to give 100%, 100% of the time”

“There is no doubt that it is a special feeling, because for me personally, having played in Europe for quite some time now, I have been fortunate enough to play in many Champions League seasons and had only reached the semi-finals with Manchester City, the quarterfinals with Shakhtar, but I had never made the final, so it’s really satisfying. It’s a really happy moment, a huge honor, and it doesn’t make any doubt that it will make you even more motivated “, he added.

Fernandinho Manchester City Premier League trophy 23 05 2021

“We always have to give 100%, 100% of the time, and I think in a game like this, being under 200% won’t be enough to win it.”, promised Fernandinho, a real soldier in the workforce of Pep Guardiola. The Brazilian started the semi-final second leg against Paris Saint-Germain and played a crucial role defensively.

He was also instrumental in keeping his teammates cool as PSG lost their minds with Angel Di Maria being sent off, and his experience could prove crucial against Chelsea. “It’s about reading the game and understanding what is going on at that point. There is no doubt that, being a captain and the club’s oldest player, this is when that you have to step up and try to organize things for the good of the team (…) I tried to prevent the players from falling into this trap so as not to harm the performance of the team “, explained the midfielder. A lucidity that could be necessary against the Blues of Thomas Tuchel.

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