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Cheyrou named the best recruit of summer 2020

Benoît Cheyrou thinks that LOSC has achieved a huge blow by recruiting Burak Yilmaz (35) for free, during the summer transfer window 2020.

During an interview with the Voice of Sports, the former OM midfielder named the best move in the 2020 summer transfer market. According to him, it is Burak Yilmaz: “This player pulls the group upwards thanks to his character, his perseverance, his pugnacity. Faced with teams that risk to curl up in defense, his return from injury is a real cause for hope for the end of the LOSC season. In my eyes, he is the best recruit in Ligue 1 this season in terms of value for money. For a 35-year-old striker, what he brings in terms of statistics and character is simply exceptional ”, he estimated.

Under contract until June 2022, the Turkey international has scored 9 goals and provided 4 assists in 20 league games this season. He has also scored 2 times in 4 Europa League appearances.

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