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Chelsea – Werner responds to Thiago Silva’s wife, who apologizes

Severely criticized by Thiago Silva’s wife after the first leg against Real Madrid, Timo Werner responded to the person after the return.

“Damn Karma. In all the teams where Thiago goes, there is a striker who misses in front of the goal. What’s his name? Vermin? Werner? Unbelievable, we should have won this match”, railed the wife of Thiago Silva after the semi-final first leg of the Champions League between Real Madrid and Chelsea (1-1).

“Werner, you can score goals”

But in the return match, won 2-0 and therefore synonymous with qualifying for the final, it was Werner who opened the scoring, alone against goal. Obviously, a failure was not possible on this action, but Isabel Silva still wanted to apologize to the German on social networks.

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“Werner, that’s great! That’s what I’m talking about, you know how to score goals, you are the best my friend, I love you”, she exclaimed in her Instagram story. In any case, her husband had already issued a personal apology to the German striker. Forgotten incident, therefore, and the person is laughing about it today!

Werner laughs today

“The first video was quickly removed from social networks. I understand that it can happen when emotions are high.”, first replied, very classy, ​​Werner to our colleagues from Sky Sports, before tackling the subject of the second video, much more positive.

“I hope I can get her to encourage me again in the future. It’s better if our women at home are happy.”, Werner concluded, before recalling what “childhood dream” he had just achieved by qualifying for the final of the Champions League. To his greatest happiness… and that of the Silva family.

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